Good morning JC Karate students & families,


We had some awesome classes training our separate body parts & detailing our techniques last week! Well done to all students on Improvements made on chambers, crossing, turning, stances & lots of kicking! 



1. JC Karate Board Breaking Tournament - Sunday April 7th (application attached)

2. April School Vacation Day Clinics - Mon 4/15 & Wed 4/17 (applications at the dojang)

3. MS WALK CHESHIRE - Sunday May 5th please register to walk with team JC Karate & Wear your JC apparel

4. Cheshire Memorial Day Parade - Sunday May 26th - Join our group, let's make it even more awesome....

5. Youth Black belt Camp - Saturday June 1st & 2nd

6. Adult Black Belt Camp - Saturday June 8th & 9th

7. Summer Camp Openings (July & August - applications available at dojang)




This week we will work on specialty areas of Tang Soo Do... We will also have "Glow in the dark" classes on Thursday night!! Go to our website for class times & schedule



Monday: Sparring drills & matches. (orange belts & above bring your own sparring gear) 

Need to purchase gear? Today only!!! Gear set only $90 head, hands, feet & mouthpiece


Tuesday: Weapon training (brown belts & above bring your weapons to class) 

Masters Club sword form #1 & #2


Wednesday: Combination techniques (Freestyle, bag work, target work & more)

Championship Training with Mr. Offerdahl ($10 drop In fee) 6:45pm-7:30pm


Thursday: Glow in the Dark Classes

**All classes will have some fun 

**Please arrive 10 minutes early 

**Have extra glow stuff at home? Bring it...


Friday: Weapon Training with Mr. Peters 7pm - 8pm

Weapon of the Month - Bo staff


Saturday: Rotation Training

*All classes will work in small groups & rotate thru different areas of training

Masters Club - Student Choice


Have a great week! See you on the mats...

Master Jennifer Couture

JC Karate