Since 1999, JC Karate has been on the cutting edge of martial arts instruction. By providing knowledgeable, welcoming and caring instructors in a state of the art facility, JC Karate has grown from one small room to one of the largest karate training centers in Connecticut.


JC Karate promotes the World Tang Soo Do Associations pre-school karate education program. It's now recognized worldwide in over 30 countries. Our family-friendly programs help make learning martial arts available to everyone, not just the athletically-inclined minority. With programs designed to benefit everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, our students range in age from 3 to 59.


Stability and credibility are also what JC Karate has to deliver. Our affiliation with the World Tang Soo Do Association offers membership in an international community of martial artists. So much is available to you to expand your Karate experience through JC Karate:


  • Certification through a trusted organization since 1982,
  • specialized camps,
  • clinic and seminar opportunities,
  • literature and other learning materials,
  • local, regional and international competitions,
  • and much, much more are available to you as a member



JC Karate offers great opportunities for those interested in competition. Our students have won numerous championships from local to world class level. Across the country and throughout the world, JC Karate competitors have excelled on the mat. The challenges are here for everyone to take and succeed in.


Integrity, sincerity, knowledge, skill, longevity, credibility and a staff that will ALWAYS be there for you! JC Karate will provide you with some of the best karate training in Connecticut! We can't wait to see you!