Programs for 2018

1. Training Enrichment Classes

$10 per class/ drop in fee

$25 per month/ choose 3

Masters Club Students attend Free!

Mondays 6:45pm-7:30pm

1st week Instructor Development

2nd week Hyper Fight Club

3rd week Yoga & Stretching

4th week Yoga & Stretching


Wednesdays 6:45pm-7:30pm

1st week One Steps

2nd week Bo Staff

3rd week Sword

4th week Self Defense

2. Student Mentor Program - Red belts & above please choose your Instructor/ mentor!

3. Parent Nights Out (PNO) Themed activities for kids age 5 - 15 years.



Learn to be a Jedi

Snacks, drinks, Jedi Training & an awesome Light Saber

$30 per person

$20 per friend or sibling

4. Casual Training (JC Karate T shirts) 

*Masters Club Members may wear T-shirts to all classes except testing & clinics

*All Students may ear official JC Karate T shirt for training May 31st - September 1st

 5. WTSDA Leadership Program

1st Saturday of every month 12:00-2:00pm

(All Black Belts are eligible to train with the Masters from our region)

1st Friday of every month 6:30pm - 8:30pm

(All 3rd degree Black belts & higher are eligible to train with the Masters)


6. Advanced Demo Team

Wednesday nights 7:30pm-8:30pm

(All Red belts & above are eligible to join the team)