Sign up by contacting us at 
jckarate33@gmail.com or (203)271-3183


2020 Dates available on Facebook.. Early Bird Registration available at our Holiday Sale November 23rd

What do I need to bring to camp?

1. Karate pants & belt
2. JC Karate t-shirt
3. All Karate gear you have (weapons, sparring stuff)
4. Sneakers
5. Parents please apply sunscreen before drop off!
6. Lunch including 2 bottles of water
7. A great attitude - ready to have fun!

Parent Drop off & pick up Information

1. Early drop off begins at 8am (we offer this to students who need early care for an additional $10)

2. Regular camp drop off begins at 9am
*Parents please walk your child in & check in with Camp director before leaving. (we will ask you for emergency numbers, allergies, etc.)

3. Regular camp pick up is 3pm
*Parents please come in to sign your child out of camp everyday! (If someone other than a parent will be picking up, please let us know name, number, etc.) **Reminder, must present ID at time of pick up**

4. Late pick up is available Monday thru Thursday only(we offer this to students who need extended care for an additional $10)